A B O U T   U S


I'm Sidney. I've been married to Kaylee since 2013. I am a computer science and business major from UCF with a minor in music, a little bit of perfectionism, and an eye for details. When I'm not shooting weddings, I work part-time during the week as a luthier and teacher. I've always leaned towards artistic and unique things, so wedding photography was such a natural transition from the other genres of work we've done. Photography is the best thing we've ever done, with all the emotions and moments we get to catch, and things I get to do behind the scenes. Our heart is in this.


When you inquire, I reply. I'm the main communication hub and I answer all the emails, facebook messages, instagram replies, text messages, and more. I also do most of the editing and social media posting. - What can I say? I'm a hustler. - I might be obsessed with midcentury modern design, vintage influences, and clean minimalism, which spills over into this love for the art of photography and also in our editing. (We love that clean look, whether it's dark and moody or bright and airy.) The first wedding I assisted and shot at was in 2012, and I've been "head over heels" for them ever since. With all of my heart, I love strong black coffee, watching the sunrise on the beach after a long week, and toffee chocolate bars.