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We're bosses. We're hard-working.
We're married. We have a turtle.

We're Kaylee and Sidney.

How did we get here?

We met as teenagers in church in 2007. We were homeschool kids and took the same biology classes, eventually the same college classes, and soon we were dating. We got married on Friday the 13th and are uber happy with that life choice. "I DO." is the most important decision we've ever made so far, and we take your marriage just as seriously as we take our own.


I'm Sidney Horne...

  • I have a computer science and business major from UCF. the split major equipped me to help run and own this business.

  • While at UCF, I was originally a music major. The process was intense, but to this point, I have been practicing as a classical musician for 20 years.

  • I grew up in Cocoa Village. I walked everywhere in town, skateboarded down the street to work, and played accordion in the park on the weekends. My parents still live there, it's a sweet spot.

  • I am a perfectionist.

  • I have learned to play Acoustic guitar, bass, electric guitar, drums, piano, trumpet, trombone, accordion, banjo, etc. My love of instruments brought me to work for a local banjo company, as one of their luthier technicians for several years.

  • I will run, jump, climb, roll, and basically sacrifice life and limb to GET β€œTHE SHOT.”


I'm Kaylee Horne...

  • I am A LICENSED COSMETOLOGIST. (No, I don't do much anymore) It launched me into finding the start to the business I truly wanted... this one.

  • I am an entrepreneur, at heart. I Started a graphic design company, hustled on Saturdays cleaning homes for students of a local Helicopter school, and have mass-produced custom coffee mugs. I really LOVE business.

  • I sing all the time - It doesn't matter what or where, I love music so very much.

  • I loveeee candy. The dumb kind that gets stuck in your teeth, like toffee or sour gummies or now & laters. (MMMMMM, omg. My mouth is watering already. Gimme.)

  • I've always lived in Titusville. Right where Elon Musk launched the Space-X Falcon Heavy rocket into the sky. Life here is a humid but small town dream - it's the perfect little place.

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Every time I go back through the photos, it's like I'm reliving every moment. The exhilaration getting ready, the nerves before walking down the aisle, the overwhelming love for the man I've committed my life to, but most of all the freaking JOY that had me grinning ear to ear all night long.

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