Wedding photography is expensive. Figuring out how to split your budget and what to prioritize is a struggle. For you, and for us. This job doesn't come with equipment, insurance, and software... We pay for everything that it takes for two people to live and run a business with no debt, and gear ain't cheap. Really, life itself isn't cheap, and we get that. We consider your wedding a huge blessing to our lives and business, which allows us to be the kind of photographers we love to be for each and every couple.



3-4 hour coverage of your elopement or ceremony with two photographers, but at an affordable price point. Both of us will capture your elopement! Court house wedding? Sunrise at the Springs? This provides just enough coverage to capture the most important memories and personality/vibe of your marriage.



6 hour coverage of your big day with two photographers! Yes, both of us! This lets you pull in another detail! Want those getting ready pictures with mom zipping up your dress, or are you desperate to remember the pure joy that you'll feel as you run to your car through sizzling sparklers? Whatever you choose, we know one thing for certain: You shouldn't spend your wedding day worrying about whether your cousin knows how to use his camera for family formals. We created this mid-level package to include those moments.



All 8 hours will be covered from the moment you slip into your sparkly shoes to the last dance before you escape for some honeymoon bliss. Both of us will be right there! Getting all those classic photos that mama has been itching for and the authentic, candid ones that you love to share.



So, you're engaged. Maybe it's been a while or maybe that bling is fresh, but either way we believe engagements aren't given the credit they're due. This season of life is unique and special in its own way, and is one of the most joyful times to capture your love in your element. Sure, the wedding is for you, but it's also for a lot of other people.

We'd like to propose something. Make the engagement session ALL FOR YOU. When we show up, we are 110% focused on you (pun!) and it gives us the chance to get to know you and even show you some posing tips.

You and your boo might be obsessed with the springs and want to capture your love in a kayak or an inner tube, or maybe you want us to come over and photograph you right at home... wearing the comfiest of clothes and slouching around in bed. Either way, we'll make that ishh cute and romantic! Drop us a line if you're down to clown.


*we toss ya a discount, if you add this onto your wedding package!

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Looking for more?

While we both specialize in weddings, Kaylee does offer other types of sessions as well. If you're looking for family + maternity + newborn + headshots, head over to this contact form and we'll take good care of you!



After a session is delivered to your inbox, you will receive detailed instructions on how to select favorites, download the entire gallery, and even order prints right from the nation's best print lab. Albums may be special ordered upon discussion, just let us know if you're wanting one!