Our research and experience says you want a photographer who...

connects with you on a personal level

has stunning work in their portfolio

can handle changing lighting situations

has a knowledge of weddings

knows how to pose and direct


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connecting with you

From the first interaction, our mission is connection. We are quick on the reply and easy to get a hold of. I mean, you can have our cell number right away! Meeting up for coffee is always a perk, but it's just as easy to jump onto a quick phone call with Kaylee if you're just not into the whole "getting out of bed" thing.

In fact, booking is a breeze. You can have the contract signed and deposit paid in less than 10 minutes, we just need to verify that you're real people with real emotions and lives... and make sure that you know we're real people too.

The point is, connecting with you on a level beyond "social media followers" is valuable to us.

Having Stunning Work. Well... 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

#sorrynotsorry but we love our work, and hopefully you do too. Our editing style is homemade and tweaked to heck and back. We strive for true-to-life looks! It's vibrant, warm, and envelops you in color.

Handling S#!T Lighting Situations

We have shot receptions with no lights but candles and string lights under a very dark, star-filled sky, and we have captured weddings in large fluorescent-lit banquet halls. Both are challenging. Both we call a success. If you're worried about the lighting, LET US KNOW and we'll talk through it and make a plan. We do utilize flashes and sometimes take advantage of an LED panel as well.

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Our knowledge of Weddings

We got married 5 years ago! It was SO HARD TO PLAN. We also have been in like a bazillion weddings as musicians, wedding party members, planners, etc. Kaylee has worked for several different wedding photographers from 2012-2016, and seeing them handle situations formed her professional personality and preparedness. We attend workshops, buy a ton of educational materials, and talk about weddings/work constantly... Our knowledge is constantly growing. AMA.

posing? It's actually easy.

We will teach you a few basic poses that we always fall back on, and then will show you ourselves or talk you through any unique ideas that spark up in the moment. We've noticed that the best shots are when you are relaxed and happy, so we've learned to help guide you there and focus on each other!

the FULL experience

Step 1: you inquire, we reply.
- we chat and/or get right down to business. The contract and invoice is sent as soon as you say so!
Step 2: Sign and Pay. Then we'll unlock your access to "Horne HQ" (our client portal where you access contracts, questionnaires, invoices, emails, etc!)
Step 3: "Know Ya Boo" Quiz, a la Tom Haverford

           STEP 3B: Engagement Session! (Schedule. Shoot. Edit. You get the photos in 2 weeks tops.)

Step 4: Three months before we'll send you a "Timeline/Family Shot List" questionnaire
Step 5: One month before the wedding, we'll send that final invoice. Pay up, babes.
Step 6: A week before the wedding we'll shoot you a text, maybe do a call with you or your planner to confirm any final details, hotel rooms, and all that jazz
Step 7: WELL DAMN, IT'S TIME. We'll show up, shoot hundreds of stunning photos, party with your drunk friends, maybe dance a bit, and then go home to share a sneak peek or two before our extremely dramatic exhaustion sets in for the next 24 hours.
Step 8: Your photo gallery will show up in your inbox in 3-5 weeks, full-res, fully edited... We edit hella fast because we loooOOooooOoveeEeee you.

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