We heard you want a photographer who connects with you on a personal level, has stunning work in their portfolio, can handle changing lighting, has a knowledge of the wedding industry, knows how to pose and direct, and who PROVIDES a great EXPERIENCE.

Well, hello, new friends! Meet the Hornes.

Love is kinda our thing, and we really believe in capturing heartfelt memories. Boho or classic, brightly colorful or naturally organic, big or small… weddings are more unique than ever now! And you may be realizing as you dive into #engagedlife that love makes you do some seriously crazy things. (Like plan a party for all of your family, friends, and coworkers.) We can relate, because love makes us do crazy things too. (Like photographing weddings every weekend and rescuing a baby turtle once.) From start to finish, we know the value of each minute because it’s part of our job to watch everything that happens on your wedding day and capture it in a way that’s uniquely yours. After booking, you should experience peace of mind, because you just booked up two dope photographers sharing one important goal: your day.

We are photographers that blend in, so that you stand out. We tell your story, frame by frame. We gotta capture that love and bottle it up! More than anything, we love hearing people say they feel something when they look at your images. We started out with a hopeful dream and almost six years later we find ourselves here in 2019. We’ve learned a lot, but what do you know… now it’s what we’re best at and love most! Which is why we think these aren’t simply photos to post on Facebook. These are photographs to fall in love with all over again, to hang on the walls of your home, to look back on with tearful joy in fifty years. These are legacy memories that are worthy of a friendly and attentive team, passionate about true love and life.

As one of our couples, you won’t just be hiring photographers who clock in and clock out on the day of. You’re gaining our years of knowledge, our investments of money and time, and our old, romantic souls. Before long, we will also be launching an exclusive invitation to all past and current couples to join our all access Facebook group and Pinterest board! “The Gathering Place” will be a private destination where you can learn about new trends, ask our other couples questions, look for recommendations, and so much more. This will be perfect for you, who may be looking to network and find a deeper connection with other locals, get into the nitty gritty of weddings, and really know us and our process better as you plan.

Our latest work is not just on this page, but all over the website. We gathered a few of the latest and greatest hits right here, but for even more visit the photo galleries. Check back with our blog often too, because so many more real and authentic couples like you are being added monthly, along with some of Kaylee and Sidney’s tips and tricks to make your wedding day photos a stress free and stunning success.


Who are we?

Bosses. Turtle parents. Photographers. Artists. Musicians. Unique souls. Weirdos. People with flaws, just like you.


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