The Experience + FAQ

What makes you unique?

This stuff: check out our ABOUT page! Also the fact that we have a turtle that we rescued, we diy a lot of projects, we have always lived in Florida, we like working together 24/7, and we have worked with more than 100 couples all over the East Coast! Each year, we change our goals and numbers around, but it's been almost 4 years of work now, and 30 weddings each year is the number we find works best for that ever-elusive "life balance," or whatever.

Where do you live? Do you travel?

We are living in Titusville, FL. We love traveling almost as much as we love being home. (Thank God for airplanes and airbnb!) We are available for travel, always ready for adventure, let’s go! We do quote you to cover costs, but we're thrifty. Ask!

Do we receive a print release for our photos?

Yes! We attach a print release with the gallery and are happy to send you one any time.

How many photos will we receive and when?

Elopement: 250 photos

8 Hour Wedding: 650 photos

Engagement: 75 photos

ASAP. We hate sitting on images, so for engagement and family sessions, it's 1-2 weeks. Weddings are delivered in 4-6 weeks. You'll get them in a clean and easy online gallery. You can share it with anyone, easily post to Facebook, order prints, pick your favorites for albums... USBs suck, they're just so easy to lose. This way, it's instant, and backed up for at least 5 years.

How does image delivery work?

We will send a gallery that looks like this SAMPLE GALLERY, along with download instructions.

DO you have backup equipment?

Yes! We carry extra cameras, lenses, cards, and batteries with us either on our person or in our vehicle, easy to access in case of an emergency.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. We have liability and gear insurance.

Do you backup our photos?

We wouldn’t be able to sleep, otherwise! We back everything up in multiple locations. Once your photos are online, the backup of your raw files is brought down to 1 location, while your edited photos have 2-3 backups at all times. BUT LISTEN: After we hit send, our hands go up and we pray to God that you download them, because anything could happen. Please download them. Please back them up for yourselves as well. Please be smart. - IT IS 100% YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DOWNLOAD, STORE, & DISPLAY YOUR PHOTOS.

Do we get all the photographs you take?

You get all the good ones, baby. We will cull and edit everything within our guidelines listed above and will give you all the photographs that “spark joy!”

Can you give us a discount?

Discounts are available to first responders, active military, and teachers. Please inquire for details.

Can we see a full gallery?

YES. Ask us! Is there one in particular? We're happy to show off a full day!

How do we book and pay?

$500 and a signed contract gets it done! INQUIRE HERE.

I have a family! Do you do anything besides weddings?

Kaylee here - Absolutely. I have a passion for capturing FAMILY, as it is. If you're a parent, then you know that children are possibly the most tangible, breathtaking displays of love and joy... and they’re wild and crazy too. Fortunately, I used to nanny for a family of six, so your kids don’t scare me! To make things easy, I offer to come to your house or to your local park - and spend 20 minutes with you. That's all the kids can handle, and then y’all can break out some oreos + milk or play on the swing-set as the sun sets. Regardless, it's important to me that you don't miss out on their precious selves by being busy. We all need to lock those memories down.

Email to get in touch.

What happens if you get sick on my wedding day? (Or there's a HURRICANE.)

It has happened. We attempt to take REAL good care of our bodies, but obviously really sick is really sick, right? We have a strong network of photographers who ready to back us up if needed. We're there for them, they're there for us. The community MATTERS to us, so those relationships are real. We'll always let you know ahead of time if shooting situations change, because we also always need to know the back up plan.

Now when it comes to hurricane season, our contract allows us to evacuate and leave a week before your wedding. YES, even if you decide to be crazy risky and have your windy + wild outdoor beach wedding anyway, we might have to weigh the risks. If it comes down to such a hard decision, we are going to protect our home, family, and business' livelihood before we risk driving out in hurricane force winds and endangering not just our gear but our selves. If you’re a local, then you remember: Irma was scary. We don’t play around with that, so feel free to keep the hurricane season in mind as you plan your outdoor beach ceremony in mid-September.

We're mega awkward in front of the camera... Can you HELP?

SO ARE WE. Welcome to the club. As it turns out, no one is thaaat great in front of the camera... even models need guidance at times. Since we're also uncomfortable in front of the camera, we really have put a good bit of time into learning good, technical, visually pleasing posing. We'll guide you through a few basic poses and you'll realize that it's really a lot of looking at us, looking at each other, telling jokes, and laughing at us be goofs. To see a small taste of what a wedding day would feel like, we definitely recommend hitting up an engagement session. You'll catch on to the poses, we'll catch on to your personalities, and both of us will feel a lot more comfy about pulling out some quotes from the best tv shows or referencing your favorite movie on the wedding day.


…in love that lasts.
Moments are fleeting and precious and they should be archived, because as your love lasts so should your memories.

…in boundaries and making mistakes and being all in.
Marriage isn’t a “50% your effort” plus “50% their effort” equation, but 100% you + 100% them. The whole time. We know we won’t be able to love and be loved without giving our all for each other, and sometimes that takes finding flaws and pouring grace over it all.

…in creating, owning less, and doing more.
We create because we are made as reflections of the Creator. Photography is just one way we get to capture and revel in the glory of what we have been given. Today is a gift and we want to fully and wholeheartedly take advantage it.

…in finishing well.
If a task can be done with excellence, it should be. With excellence and pride. We want to deliver our most excellent work, so we'll be honest with you if something isn't working.

…in having courageous conversations.
Sometimes we have to be honest, get vulnerable, and really talk truth with each other. Talking about money or wedding planning are some of the most stressful conversations you can have, so we want to cut the crap and get real with you.

…that fear is a huge liar.
Anxiety is from the devil and comparison is always going to try to steal your joy. If you’re worried about your wedding or photos, please don’t be afraid to talk to us. We’re not afraid of it! In fact, we’ve done this wedding thing so much that we have learned how to be insanely life-giving in the midst of a bad moment.

and lastly, we believe in the words of Marcus Aurelius:
if it is not right, do not do it; if it is not true, do not say it.”